$IO Monetary System

The $IO token is a game-changing technology that offers unparalleled security and transparency for transactions.

I. Introduction

The $IO token is an integral part of our ecosystem, serving as a medium of exchange for transactions within our decentralized investment platform. One of the key features of the $IO token is its deflationary nature, which ensures price stability by burning cashed-out tokens. This, along with its multi-layered security protocols, makes the $IO token a secure and transparent choice for transactions.

II. Token Generation

It is automatically generated by the platform and used to pool capital, invest, receive dividends, and track the performance of investments. It's important to note that for each collective investment, a new fork of the $IO token will be generated. This fork will be used to track the performance of the investment, pool fund, and distribute the dividends to investors for that specific investment.

III. Purpose

In order to access the investment opportunities presented on the platform, you will need to exchange your USDC for $IO tokens. The $IO token is the primary medium of exchange within our ecosystem and is used to track the performance of your investment share in the collective investment pool while it is invested outside the platform.
The initial exchange rate between $IO and USDC is 1:1. The progress of your investment will be reflected by the price of the $IO token.

IV. Investing

To invest, you will need to exchange the desired amount of funds for $IO tokens and then select the investment button. The $IO tokens will be staked in your account, and the corresponding value in USDC will be transferred to the investment pool. When the deposit period ends, and all interested investors have staked their $IO tokens, the USDC from the investment pool will be automatically invested in the chosen collective investment.
The price of the $IO token will vary based on the performance of the investment. To withdraw your profits, you can simply unstake your $IO tokens and exchange them for USDC.