The First Collective Investment

By joining our community, you have the chance to build an investment portfolio formed by top-tier investment opportunities researched and vetted by professional investment analysts.
A global advisory investment firm will continuously identify and evaluate new investment opportunities, which will be made available on the platform for the community to review and consider for collective investment. We currently plan to facilitate a collective investment every two months.

Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital is the best opportunity to be our first collective investment due to the sturdy and well-diversified portfolio managed by them. As the first U.S. institutional asset manager, they’ve backed over 200 projects since their debut in 2013.
Pantera Capital has a global portfolio comprised of more than 100 blockchain companies and projects that are at the core of the blockchain ecosystem, such as Coinbase, Ripple, Polkadot, and more.

Check Pantera Capital's Portfolio:

To fully capitalize on the growth of your investment portfolio and maximize profit, you should start with a safe investment that will provide a reliable source of income for an extended period of time. By investing in Pantera Capital, you are investing in core companies in the blockchain sector which offer you a strong foundation for your portfolio and the likelihood of high returns over time.
We aim to minimize the risk to investors even further by a considerable amount – and given Pantera Capital’s stellar track record, we believe they are currently the most suitable candidate for this task.
We reviewed all of Pantera Capital's funds and selected the three funds most suitable for a first investment. The final fund will be selected following a vote held on our investment platform.