Private Investments

The Barrier to Entry: Limits Everyday Investors

Democratizing Investments, Together

With IO Investment Academy, everyday investors can now access the private market and have the same opportunities as wealthy, accredited, and institutional investors. Now, you can join forces with investors around the world and invest together in the most exclusive funds, venture capital firms, and asset managers from the blockchain sector.

Why can't you access private investments?

IO Investment Academy - Pioneers of WeB 3.0 Investing

In April 2021, Governor Mark Gordon of Wyoming made history by recognizing DAOs as LLCs in his state. Recognizing DAOs as legal entities will allow us to grow into a truly decentralized investment company, with the ability to launch an investment fund backed by retail investors, accessing opportunities from the private markets. DAO LLC structure allows us to legally incorporate, hire employees, scale, and grow under the watchful eye of regulators worldwide

How can we help you to access private investments?

Nowadays, we can decentralize and fractionalize anything, even investments.
By investing through our platform, everyday investors can have access to high-expected return opportunities that were previously only available to wealthy and institutional investors.
We act as a third party that allows everyday investors to access investments through our decentralized company. We’ll handle all the paperwork and legal actions.