Welcome to WeB 3 Finance
In the traditional financial industry, the investment field is not exactly known to be a fair game, especially for retail investors, but we are going to change that.

IO Investment Academy is a WeB 3 company that is building the infrastructure that will empower retail investors to raise capital together in order to access high-yield investments from the blockchain sector that have previously been limited to large institutional and wealthy investors. In the coming years, investing will be decentralized, democratized, and community-driven, learn more about how you can join the revolution.

We are developing a fractional investment platform powered by blockchain technology, allowing retail investors to pool capital and earn high-interest rates on their money by investing together in private investment opportunities previously limited to wealthy investors due to minimum investment requirements. To access the investment platform you will need to own at least one NFT from our collection, out of a total of 4880 NFTs that will be minted shortly.

By accessing the IO fractional investment platform, you have the chance to build an investment portfolio formed by top-tier investment opportunities researched and vetted by our in-house team of investment analysts. Here you can see the full cycle for each investment opportunity.
The fractional investment platform is therefore a tool that helps you invest your money in opportunities that would otherwise be just out of reach for retail investors. Additionally, the opportunities published on the platform are already vetted by our team of experts with years of experience in the field, providing an additional layer of risk prevention for inexperienced investors.

As a retail investor, you can only invest in crypto projects and tokens only after they have gone live on public exchanges, which means that private investors have already made an enormous return on their investment. 

 No businesses will allow you to invest small amounts of money into their projects or pre-listing tokens before they go public. Usually, in order to invest in early-stage opportunities you need to be a private investor or to begin with a substantial investment, starting at $40,000 or more.
Let’s outline what keeps retail investors locked out of profitable investments, and what we can do to change that.